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Discover the most natural honey extraction method ever created

Gentle on bees. Honey on tap. The preferred choice for beekeepers who care.

Tapcomb exists to create caring beekeepers.

Tapcomb believes in creating high quality products, but also an affordable price to reach as many communities as possible. Their mission is helping reverse the decline in bee populations around the world, attracting bee lovers to keep more bees.

You will find that the Tapcomb Frames are only 30% formed at purchase. Bees themselves, then create the other 70% with their natural beeswax. The frames are pre-coated with beeswax and are made of high quality BPA and BPS-free food grade plastic.

The unique structure and beeswax coating trigger the bees to instinctively complete the remaining 70% honeycomb structure with their own beeswax. Upon completion, they fill the cells with honey and cap them.

Tapcomb’s unique system allows for honey extraction while keeping the beeswax caps intact. This results in minimal disturbance to the bees. Many testers skip the traditional bee suit protective gear while extracting honey because their bees remain relatively calm.

To extract the honey, simply insert the Tapcomb Key into the access slot and turn.

This makes the internal lining of the honeycomb cells shift down, creating a channel for the honey to flow through.

For the first time in honey harvesting, the beeswax caps remain unbroken on the surface of the cells, leaving the bees unharmed and undisturbed.

Bees sense when the honey has been harvested, then chew through the wax cap, completing the cells, and refill with honey.

Tapcomb Teaser from Crowdlift on Vimeo.