It’s a great way to lose a ton of money. It’s much safer to source an essential item and sell it on Amazon or design an app. Software is so much more scalable and you don’t end up with a warehouse full of apps you can’t sell. They just disappear into the cloud. But you’re not the type to play it safe, are you? You have a vision and you need to see your idea made and most importantly, you’re willing to put the hard work in to marketing and selling your product to the right people.

Fortunately for you, you’re in the right place. We specialize in channeling your ideas and converting them into products that are manufacturable, aesthetically beautiful and made of smart and responsible materials. These are qualities that can not be researched in 2 hours at a Starbucks. It takes years of experience in mass production to know what designs work best for injection molding, what colors will fade fastest in the sun, what packaging will rip before it makes it to the store and so on. Our experience grants us the foresight that you need when you’re exploring New Product Development.

Since 2007 ANDESIGN has helped its customers create remarkable products. By approaching every project with our proven process, we’re able to efficiently translate your ideas into function and viable products. Whether it’s action sports equipment, consumer electronics, home goods, or anything in between, we’ve delivered countless designs that demonstrate how our team is the best around. To see examples of our work, check out our portfolio below.


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While we offer and end-to-end solution to product design, these are our primary service categories.

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