We make hardware scalable.

Let's go to the manufacturing capital of the world.

For most of our clients, manufacturing overseas is the best option. It affords them a product of exceptional quality, in sufficient quantity, at a profitable price point. That's why we we've built a team of designers, engineers, and project managers in China as well as a network of trusted manufacturing resources.

Shenzhen; We’re there.



“With ANDesign’s help, we’re able to consistently

develop new products in order to keep up

with a constantly changing

consumer electronics marketplace.“

-Jeff Overall of Polar Pro


Our team will build or fix your:

  • BOM (Bill of Materials)

  • CMF (Color Material Finish)

  • DFM (Design for Manufacture)

  • Engineering, Design, Branding


What sounds viable on paper, isn’t always viable in production. The internet has made sourcing accessible to all but it still remains incredibly difficult to do properly. Our team in California and our team in Shenzhen has built the relationships necessary to orchestrate this complex process seamlessly.


The CMF (Color Material Finish) document is an internationally recognized standard for specifying manufacturing processes. You might consider it the language of the factory, and we speak it fluently. As the name suggests, this communicates, in a universal way, the color, material and finish of your product ensuring that you product looks and feels exactly how you intend. Ambiguity can lead to 10,000 piece mistakes. There is no room for error here.


Design for Manufacture is a methodology that aims to balance product requirements and manufacturability. It’s the implementation of years of design & manufacturing wisdom. What works for one prototype doesn’t always work for 10,000 mass produced units. Faulty units are inevitable with mass production, DFM seeks to minimize loss while delivering the product as desired.


Want to hand over your production to us? We offer full scale manufacturing services. Visit our manufacturing services page for more information.


The only “right” time to start is now. Let’s bring your hardware to mass production. We’ll introduce your to our network of investors & creators to help you seek funding and accelerate the fruition of your product.



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