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CHiP Re-Design

Our team was faced with the task of taking an already existing non-functional product design and making it functional without changing the form.

The goal of CHiP is to simplify and streamline the baking process. Taken from their website:

We designed CHiP to be the absolute best way to make freshly baked cookies. There’s virtually no preparation or clean-up necessary! Simply scan and drop a dough pod into CHiP, press start, and you’ll have freshly baked cookies with no mess in 10 minutes or less.

CHiP’s QuickConvect™ Air Flow System has a 4” convection fan that blows hot air through specially designed air channels. This eliminates hot and cool spots, and ensures hot air flows around the oven at a consistent, even temperature to reduce cooking time and deliver perfect cookies every time.

Our team refined and refined the Intelligent Baking process to perfectly tailor it for compatibility with their proprietary cookie pods.

For more information, visit their website.

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