Jade J Website Design

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Jade J Website Design

Every website we design begins with a goal.

Our client Jason approached with the goal of created an easy-to-manage e-commerce website that we could design quickly and hand over for him to manage.

After researching our options, we decided on building his website through Shopify.

We first built a landing page in order to utilize the website as a lead-collection platform while we worked on the full e-commerce site.

We built the Jade J landing page using simple HTML, CSS, and liquid for reliability, fast loading times and cross-platform compatibility.

The full e-commerce website is based off the Granada theme designed by SW-THEMES.

We used custom CSS to fine tune the website to meet Jason’s specific needs.

Thanks to Shopify’s easy-to-use interface, Jason is able to handle all of his online sales through this store.

Check out the full website here.


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