Lumenus Wearable Safety Light Apparel

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Lumenus Wearable Safety Light Apparel

In 2015, Lumenus partnered  with ANDesign to create a collection of wearable products that could be controlled with a smartphone application. The products are designed to make transportation safer. One of the features is a GPS-linked turn signal. Through the application, you’re able to set a destination and when the route demands a turn, the turn signal is automatically activated. Lumenus provides extra safety during your nightly jog, bicycle or motorcycle rides through the use of ultrabright LED lights. White front lights ensure that you’re visible to those coming toward you, red rear brake lights help avoid that critical rear end incident, and amber indicator lights alert drivers of your turns.

ANDesign delivered industrial design, electronics engineering, app design & development, and other complimentary design services.

As expected, Lumenus was met with phenomenal crowd approval and was able to secure over $55k in funding through Kickstarter. 



Check out their crowdfunding pitch video:

Visit the official Lumenus website for more information.

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