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Mistera : Your All-Weather Personal Misting Umbrella


Mistera is the most versatile umbrella you can own. Walk out of your house with reassurance that no matter what, however the weather ends up being, you’ll be prepared! Rain or shine.

Be ready for any weather condition.

Whether you are in the pouring rain or the smoldering heat, they have got you covered. It’s perfect for a walk outdoors, a sporting event, camping or simply just clamp it on a chair while you hang out poolside. This all-weather personal misting umbrella is the perfect accessory no matter where you live, rain or shine.


Fill Up On-The-Go 

Never run out of mist with Mistera’s detachable water container. Just fill it up with water and start misting.



Built-In Mister 

Shade yourself from the sun’s harmful rays while also cooling down with the innovative misting nozzle.


Misting Umbrella

Rain or Shine 

Mistera is perfect for any weather condition. Be it rain or shine, the versatility of the misting umbrella has got you covered from the harmful rays from the sun or the soaking wetness of a rain shower.


Here’s a video of ANDESIGN CEO, Andrew Namminga, talking about the design methodology behind the project:


To learn more about Mistera, visit their site.

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