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Callum Ingram, CEO of the Quip Case, is totally killing it! At 19 years old, this is his first product.

He came to ANDESIGN with the idea, and together we took it to the next level.

Quip Case is a charging case for both your AirPods and iPhone. No longer will you leave your AirPods behind or forget to charge them. It is the first phone case to protect, store and charge your Apple AirPods and an iPhone at the same time.

We made sure to elongate battery life by adding a USB-C port enabling a faster charging rate! Recharge your AirPods up to 20 times with the Quip Case, or add a 70% boost to your iPhone’s battery life (we know how quickly those tend to die).

Now Callum has brought the idea to  IndieGoGo and is seeking funds to move to mass production.  Check out his project and support a youthful entrepreneur. Considering on buying the next iPhone? So are we. Don’t want to worry about losing or misplacing your Apple AirPods? The Quip case stores your phone and AirPods together with a dust proof magnetic lid keeping your AirPods and iPhone protected.

Here’s some more info from the IndieGoGo Campaign:

How It Works!

 Examples of the Three Problems the Quip Case Solves
Problem #1: Battery Life

Problem #2: Misplacing or Forgetting your AirPods

Problem #3: Cluttered Pockets 

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