RF-1 GPS Device

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RF-1 GPS Device


Refactor Fitness came to us with the need for a visual prototype suitable for photographs, trade shows and other marketing materials for a RF-1 GPS prototype.

This is a pretty common request we get from clients.

We used a combination of 3D Printing, SLA (stereolithography,) and screen printing along with other techniques to craft a trade-show ready rapid prototype.


Some information about this project taken from the company’s website:


HD Video Camera – Capture Your Ride

Recording video at full HD resolution of 1920x1080p at 30 frames per second, the built in camera can capture your ride.  Start and stop recording from the app or the assignable hardware buttons.

In dash cam mode, the video continuously records the last 20 minutes so that you’ll always capture that dramatic moment, but never run out of space.


Dual High Efficiency LED Headlights

Dual LED headlamps let others see you at night, and can provide illumination on dark nights.

The latest super high efficiency LEDs create a lot of light without much heat or power, allowing you to run the lights for hours without running out of battery.


Powered by Android

We created Velo Dash, our custom Android app, to do everything you’d want to do with a bike computer.   Record your rides, upload and share, record videos, follow maps and courses, and more.

Want to run a music player or another app at the same time?  How about tether to your phone and view your messages?  Sync to online services? Share your location? Go ahead.  It’s your call.

Our companion app runs on both iOS and Android, so don’t worry if you have an iPhone, a Galaxy, or something else.  We have you covered.


Powerful Software

Android 6.0 – run your own apps.

Accident notification.

Fast, detailed maps.

Continuous video recording.

Assignable buttons and screen areas.

3rd party integration (Strava, more coming soon).


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