Rozebuds Fashion Bluetooth Headphones

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Rozebuds Fashion Bluetooth Headphones

Rozebuds came to us with a vision

They knew that there was a need for less wires.

When transitioning from listening to music to a phone call became a problem, Rozebuds knew they needed a solution. So we created a wearable Bluetooth headset that is as much as jewelry as it is headphones. Never worry about untangling those old headphones again.


Rozebuds Headphones


We utilized the battery and headphone control as a pendant and a unique magnetic mechanism to simulate a necklace clasp.

We’ve built the most convenient, fashionable earphones that double as a necklace! This solves a long list of nagging headphones frustrations – tangling, accessing, locating, fumbling to activate, unsightly to look at, uncomfortable to use and the list goes on.

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