Sili Squeeze Silicone Food Pouch

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Sili Squeeze Silicone Food Pouch

The Sili Squeeze is a reusable silicone food pouch. Utilizing our expertise in advanced 3D modeling and knowledge in manufacturing we were able to design a soft silicone squeeze bottle for little ones. The Silisqueeze is a reusable food pouch designed to hold apple sauce, yogurt, homemade blends- you name it! The key attributes we addressed in designing this product were safety, reliability, and portability while maintaining a fun and appealing design for kids. Designing for manufacturability while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic and ease of functionality for children was our objective for the Silisqueeze.

We’re incredibly proud of the progress the Original Squeeze Company has made and the fantastic customer feedback they’ve received. Parents and kids alike love Sili Squeeze!

About the Sili Squeeze:

  • Patented spill-proof spout
  • BPA-PVC-and Phthalate-free
  • Four easy-to-assemble components
  • Naturally non-stick for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher friendly, top-rack only
  • Freezer-safe

It’s Not a Bottle. It’s a Squeeze.

Here’s a video about the Sili Squeeze

For more information about the bottle and where to purchase, visit the original squeeze company website.

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