The quip phone case was a clever concept by our client Callam Ingram. We provided Concept Design and Renderings for IndieGoGo campaign use. The style of the phone case had to be minimalist and slim while conforming to Apple MFi standards. Unfortunately, the campaign was unable to receive funding. We enjoyed working on the project.

Here’s the overview of the product taken from the IndieGoGo campaign: “Quip Case, a charging case for both your AirPods and iPhone. No longer will you leave your AirPods behind or forget to charge them. The purpose of this campaign is to bring to life a new kind of multi-use charging case. By supporting this campaign, you will be among the first people to get this revolutionary case. Though AirPods and similar BlueTooth headphones are still in their adolescence, in coming months and years, wired earbuds will seem dated. Support the future of audio!”