Preparing your designs for manufacturing


The manufacturing process


What happens after mass production

Phase 2: Production

Phase 2B


Phase 2B:


Also known as machine tooling, is the process of acquiring the manufacturing components and machines needed for production. It is manufacturing aids such as cutting tools, fixtures, gauges, molds and patterns of a specialized nature which (unless substantially altered or modified) are solely specific to the production line or the performance of a specific contract or job.

Phase 2A


Phase 2A:


Once tooling is set up, we use the newly created tool to make production samples. We go through multiple iterations until we arrive at a golden sample. The golden sample sets the standard for future production runs and quality control. Learn more about our process here.

Phase 2C

Production Run

Phase 2C:

Production Run

Our communication with our factory is impeccable. All goods are produced by using particular manufacturing procedures, processes or conditions. The most desirable size of a production run required will depend on the consumer demand, production set-up costs and how much, if any, excess inventory to manufacture. Learn more here.