Before we go promoting, let's make sure your brand's on point.


Let's make sure that your brand is visible before trying to gain traffic.

Public Relations

Once the branding and placement is taken care of, we're ready tell your story.

Phase 3: Public Relations

Phase 3A

Social Media Management

Phase 3A:

Social Media Management

Make sure your social media messaging is clear and useful. We’ll make sure your content creation and management redirects users back to your sites for higher conversion rates. We know how important an online presence is.

Phase 3B


Phase 3B:


Don’t like press releases and/or reaching out to press? No problem. We have journalists and public relation experts readily available for any communicative need. Believe us, we know how brutal press can be. However, we also know how influential press is as well.

Phase 3C

Crowdfunding Campaign Management

Phase 3C:

Crowdfunding Campaign Management

Crowdfunding is a great way to fund your project! Better yet, the perfect way. Learn more about our expertise with crowdfunding and crowdsourcing here. Our well-rounded design team is equipped to tackle all multi-faceted dimensions of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.