Concept Design

Phase 1: Brainstorm with our designers to create 2D drawings

3D CAD Modeling

Phase 2: Engineer and create dynamic renderings of your product


Phase 3: Turn your concept into a functional, tangible model


Phase 4: Take your concept ideas to manufacturing and production

What makes ANDESIGN special?

Let us tell you.



Our team of young and dedicated designers can deliver your products in a timely manner.


Multi-talented team

Our diverse team utilizes a wide variety of skill sets and knowledge that allows us to be versatile in the product development process


Full Support

We are committed to keeping a healthy relationship with our clients through open communication and regular updates.


Cost Effective Design

In today’s competitive market, cost efficiency can make or break a project. Our team can advise you towards the most economical design that suits your budget.


Visually Appealing Design

Our aptitude in product design has allowed us to successfully integrate visually stunning design elements into our work.


Form follows function

Our team of experienced design engineers allows us to fuse both function and aesthetic to forge a harmonious balance in our designs.


Our design process and strategy has allowed us to produce visually stunning and functional products.


Our design specialties and capabilities

Industrial Design & Engineering

With our team of dedicated industrial designers and engineers we can turn your product ideas into reality. With six years of experience in the industry, ANDESIGN has proven its ability to rapidly conceptualize, develop prototypes and refine iterations to bring an idea to market.

Packaging Design

We like to alleviate our client’s stress by handling everything design-related, including packaging. Our all inclusive services will provide you with an attractive packaging that’s sure to stand out on shelves and pique consumer interest.


Our team has a wealth of experience dealing with the crowdfunding process for sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. ANDesign offers other crucial design services and marketing materials such as product animation, banners and graphic design. We also offer advice on website development to help build your brand image.

Manufacturing and Management

Our production and manufacturing process is reinforced by our long-standing relationship with trusted vendors both domestically and overseas. Our project management team supervises the daily operations of manufacturing by coordinating, planning and directing production; keeping our clients informed throughout the process.

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