Every project is different. There is no set price for making things. The cost of a project depends on the materials, the services, the customer and their demands. In addition to what you want to make, how you want to make it will have a significant influence on the cost. In order for our team to provide you with a quote, we need you to provide us with as much information about your project as possible. Then we’ll have a phone call or office meeting in which we’ll ask any extra questions. From there we should be able to build you a proposal. Often we will build tiered proposals that have different price out multiple options.

That depends on a variety of factors. Budget, time of year, availability of materials, your location, and other considerations will all effect the timeline of your project. Until we have the details, we don’t do timeline estimates. When we close a deal with a potential client we build a master schedule which our team will follow pending our customer provides feedback for revisions on schedule.

Industrial design is the process of designing for mass production. It’s a highly specialized field of product design and it requires a comprehensive knowledge of modern manufacturing capabilities and limitations.

We offer three types of prototypes. The most basic version is a simple 3D printed prototype. These are to test the shape and size of the design. The next level of prototype is an engineering grade 3D printed prototype. The cost is higher than the basic 3d print but you can test some of the basic functions and mechanisms of the design. The third level of prototype that we offer is the final prototype. A final prototype looks just like a final product and may or may not be functional. Usually, final prototypes are just made to look the part.

While we appreciate the offer, the answer is no. We do not work in exchange for equity. Actually, I’m only being polite when I say we appreciate the offer. Asking someone to work for equity is rude.

That depends on the contract between you and the designer. At ANDESIGN, our clients own the rights to any design work we do for them. That is not true for all design agencies. Before moving forward with any designer or agency, make sure you have a clear understanding of their intellectual property policies.

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