Concept design explores how an idea can be executed. While it focuses on the aesthetic of the product, it also takes into consideration the limitations and requirements of mass production, electronics and mechanical engineering. A fleshed out concept is the roadmap for any great product design. It begins with rough and basic sketches and through a few rounds of revisions it becomes focused and precise.

Content Mapping Phase 1A by ANDESIGN

Phase 1A:

Research, Brainstorm, and Ideation

Every project has a beginning. For our New Product Development (NPD) services we begin by brainstorming in order to reach an in-depth understanding of our client’s requirements and how to achieve them. Once we’re all on the same page, the team then conducts extensive research to devise the most practical and efficient development process. Learn more about our sketching process on our product sketches page.

Power Pole Concept Design Sketches by ANDESIGN

Phase 1B:

Design Refinement

From here our skilled design team generates a variety of hand drawn concepts that further translate our clients vision. We keep an open dialogue with our clients – updating them every step of the way. This allows us to accommodate any appropriate changes that may occur throughout the product development.

GolfBuddy Phase 1C ( Gradient ) 3D Rendering by ANDESIGN

Phase 1C:

Final 2D Drawing

After reviewing these hand drawn design concepts  we work with our clients to extract the features that best exhibit their vision. From here we produce a final deliverable 2D rendering. Our clients are then ready to proceed to the next phase of product development, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Modeling.

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