Often designers and engineers push and pull between aesthetics and functionality. Our team is made up of industrial designers with a specialty in mechanical engineering so our services have a strong balance between the two. We’re equally capable of making your product work based on aesthetic requirements as we are to make it look great based on functionality requirements. In the most basic terms, sometimes we work on the outside of the product, other times we work on the inside, and most of the time we work on both. In our new product development process, engineering is Step 3 after Concept Design and CAD Modeling. We break engineering down into two main categories: Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Below we have a short video we made about our engineering process and a brief written description.

Electrical Engineering Product Design

Phase 3A

Mechanical Engineering

Functional products require quality mechanical engineering. Our team of interdisciplinary designers has experience making products work and work well. Whether they’re buttons or switches, we’re determined to create functions that make for useful, intuitive, and enjoyable products. Learn more about what a typical engineering project entails on our engineering services page.

system architecture electronics engineering by ANDESIGN

Phase 3B

Electronics Engineering

We have extensive experience working with electrical engineering. From systematic architecture, schematic electrical engineering product design, circuit board prototyping, firmware development and printed circuit board production. We pride ourselves on our electrical projects.

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