Concept Design

Bring us your design or work with one of our many in-house designers to conceptualize your idea. We design every project for the interactions, experiences, processes and strategies the product is to encounter in its journey. We start off in 2D and work our way into 3D detailing your visualization before production.

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CAD Modeling

With 3D modelling, we can do anything from testing complex mechanisms to rendering beautiful photo-realistic renderings. We’re experts in Solidworks and Keyshot. See why we’re the right choice for 3D modelling services.

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All of our industrial designers have a background in mechanical engineering. It’s a unique set that sets us apart! We’re here for you from design thru production. We specifically design with the intentions of being factory-ready. Learn more about our prototyping process here.

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We run through three tiers of prototyping : Alpha, Beta and Final stages to ensure quality production. Each tier of prototyping is set to reduce any imperfections in the final stage before reaching mass production.

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We take you step-by-step and help you decide what it is your project needs. From Color Material Finish (CMF) , Bill Of Materials (BOM) , to vetting factories and protecting your intellectual property.  Learn more about which production methods are appropriate for your project.

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After determining a manufacturing method, we receive samples from the factory. We go through several tiers or iterations until you are satisfied with the results. Learn more about Sampling, Tooling, and Production Runs here.

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Once all tiers of samples have been inspected and all revisions have been made, we’re ready to proceed to assembly and mass production. After your idea has been manufactured, we inspect the final product’s durability. We offer a variety of services, such as quality control and shipping, to assist you once manufacturing is done, learn more about them here

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Have An Idea?

Do you have a product or idea that needs design or manufacturing? Use the link below to fill out our Product Design Request form and we’ll reach out to you asap to get started on your project.

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