Phase 2A:

Computer Aided Design

Computer-aided design, also known as 3D Modelling, allows designers to test, refine and manipulate virtual products prior to production. These high-quality 3D designs are identical in dimension and detail to the desired finished product, ensuring quality and accuracy for production. Specialty training and years of experience using the most modern CAD software allow us to increase productivity, efficiently validate design intent, and strengthen supplier communication. With our 3D Design, CAD modeling services, clients will receive deliverable 3D files of their product, a Bill of Materials, and a Color Material Finish (CMF) document. For our clients, we use these same 3D files to produce alpha, beta and final prototypes, or they can take these files to the manufacturer or prototyping firm of their preference.

Phase 2B:

Photo Realistic Rendering

The new standard for product imagery, photo realistic renderings have replaced the need for finished product photography. Advanced visualization software allows us to create product images that look just like the real thing, if not better. These renderings are used for client reviews and approval; and can even be used for marketing and advertising purposes. See our portfolio for a selection of photorealistic renderings created by our team.

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