Phase 3A:

Quality Control (QC)

Our full-time team in Shenzhen allows us to ensure our client’s the highest standard of QC prior to shipping, saving time and money. Learn more about ANDesign China

manufacturing quality control by ANDESIGN

Phase 3B:


We’re your eyes on the production line. We have close relationships with factories we’ve vetted through years of experience working together. If you’re interested in US based manufacturing or assembly, visit our assembly page.


Phase 3C:


Our Project Management team is familiar with the ins and outs of international and domestic shipping. We’ll build a schedule that will take into consideration all the twists and turns that accompany the manufacturing process to ensure your product is where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

Have An Idea?

Do you have a product or idea that needs design or manufacturing? Use the link below to fill out our Product Design Request form and we’ll reach out to you asap to get started on your project.

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