Brainstorm big ideas

Concept sketching is a way to rapidly explore a wide variety of ideas. We commit ourselves to generate and lay out as many design ideas as possible. Once the ball is rolling, it’s much easier to get rid of ideas than it is to generate new ones.

Think outside of the box

Every Concept Phase is different. Normally there are at least two rounds of sketches. In the first round, everything is on the table. This is a chance to explore ideas no matter how outside the box they might be. We deliver the first round of sketches to our clients. They’ll pick one or a combination of the concepts for us to further develop.

Refine the ideas

The second round of sketches is normally variations on a concept or the synthesis of two concepts from the first round. It’s kind of like, we pick a direction in the first round and we see how far that direction will take us in the next.

Finalize the concept

By the end of the concept phase, we’ve fully explore the favorite concept and we have clear agreed upon goals for the aesthetics and functionality of the product. Often the finished product will look very similar to the final round of sketches.