Design Challenge:Build a Brand, Fast


Establish a brand identitydesign and manufacturean entire line of tech productsusing ecofriendly methodswithin a limited timeframe


Product Design

A tight schedule doesn’t have to be a rushed schedule. Our team dedicated appropriate time to each step of the new product development process to design an entire product ecosystem that represents nimbles brand mission and sets up a style that will be the starting point for future product additions. We sketched up multiple design concepts to define the visual direction of their products. It’s important to set an upper limit on revisions to ensure that every revision is deliberate and that we can proceed to the next step. During this step, we also define which materials and manufacturing processes we intend to use.

Green Sourcing

Once we had defined the aesthetics, the materials, and the manufacturing processes in the concept design phase, we faced the challenge of finding ethical and high quality green material sources. We used bioplastics and aluminum for the product and pulp paper for the packaging.


With careful planning, and by sticking to the schedule, our team was able to manufacture the nimble line of products on time. There are a million hoops to jump through to make a project like this work, and our team is proud of our ability to do so.


We plan every moment from the day the project begins to the delivery of the final product. Every project follows a unique master schedule. Our top down approach to planning involves the subdivision of the overall goal into smaller more manageable phases. Years of experience has prepared our team to expect the unexpected and to anticipate and factor in contingencies.

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