Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept is “evidence, typically derived from an experiment or pilot project, which demonstrates that a design concept, business proposal, etc., is feasible.”

Our client came to us to seek proof-of-concept for his idea. For this project we explored the design & engineering feasibility and produced a functional prototype.

Our design goals for the project:

  • The beer cooler has to be handheld (portable size).
  • The user will pour the liquid (beer) in at room temperature and get cold liquid (beer) out in a short period of time (ideally under a minute).
  • Use Peltier Plates to achieve change in liquid temperature.


We delivered detailed reports and a functional prototype.


We examined current design trends for related products and explored various iterations of form. Our client received detailed exploration, ideation, & form study reports as well as multiple rounds of concept design sketches. Here’s a sketch from the first round:


We examined modern cooling techniques and technology to assess feasibility within the restraints of the design requirements. We explored multiple possible engineering options. Our client received reports on our research as well as engineering diagrams.


After extensive research and development, we built a prototype using the most advanced cooling methods. Ultimately, we determined that with current technological limitations, the 1 minute cooling mark & portable size was not feasible. However, adequate cooling could be achieved with 7 minutes device preparation time and 10 minutes of cooling. While these may not have been the desired results, the feasibility study determined what will and will not work with currently available technology.