In 2016 our team worked with Lumenus to design and prototype a set of smartphone connected biking gear such as apparel and a backpack.

Smart Backpack Case Study

We’re always excited to work with entrepreneurs and brands that wish to explore new technology. Our research and development methodology allows us to responsibly venture into uncharted and unreleased tech. In practical terms, with enough notice we’ve been able to have phone cases designed and in production ahead of the phones release date. In industries like this, having a product on the market at release can be vital.

To learn more about the Lumenus project and how some of the tech that went in to it, click the button below to check out the Lumenus case study PDF or give them a google and check out all the press they got. If you’re interested in a consultation about design and engineering, fill out our Product Design Request form and we’ll get back to you to schedule a time.