MFiMade for iPhone

In order to buy the hardware connectors and components required to manufacture iPhone and other Apple accessories and to get accessory specs and all the necessary information to make an iPhone accessory, you have to join Apples’ MFi Program. Without MFi Program Approval, you have to buy third-party components and guess product specs. In addition to accessing their hardware components, specs, and protocols, joining the program allows you to include the MFi logo on your products. To be approved for the MFi program, your product must meet a set of standards.

Although MFi means Made for iPhone, there’s a lot more to MFi products than just iPhone accessories. MFi licensed technologies and components include the following:


  • AirPlay audio
  • CarPlay
  • GymKit
  • HomeKit
  • iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP), the protocol used to communicate with iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • MFi Game Controller
  • MFi Hearing Aid
  • Wi-Fi Accessory Configuration (WAC)

Connectors and components

  • Authentication coprocessors
  • Headset Remote and Mic
  • Audio Module
  • Lightning Analog Headset Module
  • Lightning to Headset Jack Adapter Module
  • Lightning connectors and receptables
  • Magnetic Charging Module
  • Smart Connector

How Do I Get MFi Certified?

In order to get MFi Certified, you have to enroll on their website. Before you enroll, we highly recommend you consult with an MFi experienced designer or design team. Our team has designed and manufactured many MFi certified products. You can reach us via our contact page.

Recent MFi Certified Products