Eva Drop

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Eva Drop

The world’s first
smart shower.

Eva Drop Smart Shower is the world’s first device that helps you save water in the shower without affecting the user experience. 


Temperature Shutoff – using a temperature sensor Eva turns the water off once your shower reaches your desired temperature if no one is in the shower yet.
Proximity Sensor– tracks where you are and what you are doing in the shower adjusting the flow to help save water without reducing the user experience.
Timers & Reminders–  timers allow you to set goals for shower lengths and will remind you when you get close or go over your desired shower length.

No more
wasted water.

Eva Drop’s specialized sensor cuts off water flow
when desired temperature is reached.


Water how you need it,
when you need it.

Any shower, any size

Eva seamlessly installs between the wall
and shower head

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