The Golfkicks adventure began in a Denver garage with three friends ranging from decent to unsafe on the golf course. They had trouble finding cool, comfortable golf shoes and wondered why you couldn’t just add traction to a pair of Vans or Jordans. After several horrendous prototypes and a few injuries they launched a crowdfunding campaign and set up shop to provide freedom of footwear choice to golfers around the world.

ANDESIGN worked with GolfKicks to take their rough prototypes and make a mass produced consumer product that has seen tremendous success with customers and investors. Our team provided DFM Review, CAD, Sourcing and V2 Design.

What is DFM Review? This phase is critical to the understanding and determination of different materials and best manufacturing approach for GolfKicks project. This step includes ANDesign’s research and exploration into different manufacturing solutions and combination of materials to find the most suitable approach:

  • Identification of different material combinations / manufacturing processes to manufacture GolfKicks
  • Identification of up to 3 suitable manufacturers for GolfKicks
  • Rough production costs


Golfkicks Featured on Shark Tank