Finding a Manufacturer To Make Your Product


There are many conditions to take into consideration when manufacturing a product. Here’s why Finding a Manufacturer to Make Your Product is very important.

The most important piece of advice I could give you: find a company that specializes in New Product Development. Am I biased? The answer is yes. In fact the sole reason I’m writing this article is so that we show up on Google when you search “Finding a Manufacturer To Make Your Products.” Does that make us a less qualified Contract Manufacturer? Of course not. It just means we’re also good at search engine marketing.

Andrew Namminga, ANDESIGN CEO, working with the Shenzhen team.

We’ve worked with many first-time makers that, due to a lack of familiarity, did not anticipate the various twists and turns involved in the manufacturing process. Some get to us in time so that we can help them from the start of their projects, others come to us after a taking a stab at it on their own only to realize, for example, that their team was preparing to manufacturer in Shenzhen in the middle of Chinese New Year. These are the types of predicaments new brands often encounter. While contract manufacturers charge a management fee, the amount you can save by working with an experienced team can easily exceed the amount you would lose by attempting to manage the project independently.

If you’re curious to learn more, check out our Manufacturing Process page (there are videos.)