Remember when dropshipping was a secret? Those were the good old days. You could find a great deal on bathroom towels, place a huge order, and make a killing doing FBA. You can thank bloggers, YouTubers and referral codes for absolutely over saturating and destroying the market. Now, everyone and their dog children have attempted a dropshipping brand. Most of them have failed. In 2019, consumers are smart enough to see a private label sourced product and know they can get it on eBay or Amazon from a generic seller for much cheaper. If you got rich off dropshipping good for you, but it won’t last forever. So what should you do now?

Good for you, most people failed.

If you’re a successful dropshipper, good for you. From here, the absolute best thing you can do is take the money and run! Just get out of the business asap. Do you really want to invest in another sourced product? Well, if you’re a crazy one like we are, you might actually consider it. You might use the momentum you have from your dropship product to grow your brand. It’s an even bigger risk, with even bigger rewards. Dropshippers are a dime a dozen but brands get bought.

What next?

A logical transition is to source another product but work with a contract manufacturer or design team to customize that product so that you can differentiate your product from your competitors and therefore charge a premium. Our team has offices in Newport Beach, California and Shenzhen, China so we can work directly with suppliers in a way that most individuals are unable to. Our team in Newport communicates daily with our China team as they inspect samples from, visit and vet the factories directly.

Customizing White Label Products

Our team of mechanical engineers and industrial designers are able to change any aspect of the product’s aesthetic design or internal engineering. Changing the appearance or design of the product is a much easier process than modifying the functionality, but both options are perfectly viable.