What is DFM?

DFM stands for “design for manufacturability” or “design for manufacturing”. It’s a design methodology that takes into consideration all the complexities of manufacturing…In a designers dream world there’s no asking “what is DFM”.


In a designers dream world we would be able to manufacture anything we could imagine. The reality is, however, that even the most modern manufacturing machines have considerable limitations. On top of that, your product’s materials, internal electronics, etc. all place obstacles based around the design of your product. However, none of these issues are anticipated.

Although, many inventor clients strongly believe their designs are done, within minutes of our inspections we know whether a design would work on a production line. There’s a large gap between being made and being mass produced affordably and reliably.

This is why it’s so important to work with an experienced design firm. A firm that is familiar with the limitations of mass production is vital. Minor missteps in the design phase can lead to hundreds or even thousands of defective units on the production line. Have your design inspected and confirmed “ready for manufacturing” because it is always lower than the cost of recouping quality control.

Why do you think first generation products run into trouble so often?

If you’re in need of a design firm to inspect your designs or design your product from scratch, you’re in the right place. Get in contact with us here.