First Choice

Manufacturing in China is the first choice for the vast majority of American brands and entrepreneurs. It has never been more accessible to small businesses than it is now. You can easily find suppliers and manage your entire global supply chain from your laptop and smartphone. Sounds simple enough, but like most entrepreneurial skills it’s easy to do the minimum but much harder to do the optimal. Working with the best China sourcing agent to optimize your supply chain management has a lasting effect on your bottom line.

China Sourcing and Supply
ANDESIGN CEO Andrew in Shenzhen with China team member Oliver

Quality Control

No amount of online reviews can replace hands on inspection either first hand or by a trusted adviser. Generally, with our clients, we have a Quality Control chain of inspection. First our China team will inspect it, then ship it to our Newport Beach team then if it makes it past both our teams we’ll send it to our clients for review. Once we all agree on a product, our team will negotiate the best price with the supplier. At this point, it’s recommended to place a substantial first order to secure the best possible unit cost.

How much will it cost?

Any sourcing agent is going to charge a management fee. Nobody can work for free. Any agent worth their salt will save you more by optimizing your supply chain, then they will charge in management fees. In other words, the investment of outsourcing supply chain management or hiring a china sourcing agent has return. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had clients come to us after having made easily preventable but costly mistakes. It’s important to know when to outsource aspects of your product development.

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