If you’re here because you searched “Product Design for Startups,” you’re probably not looking for a story about the founder of a design firm.

However, hang in there and you’ll understand that’s why we chose to start there.

Andrew Namminga started freelancing industrial design services in 2007.

(Sorry Andrew, but this pic is too good.)

Knocking on doors to find clients and taking all the work he could get, he eventually had enough business to expand to a small team.

In 2010, he founded ANDESIGN in a small Santa Ana office.


Fast forward past many late nights in the studio, a lot has changed.

Today, ANDESIGN is on two continents (one office located in Newport Beach, California and the other in Shenzhen, China,) has the capacity to effectively manage dozens of projects at once, and has manufactured hundreds of thousands of products.

We’ve gone through the trial and error. We’ve seen companies succeed and we’ve seen companies fail.

We know what it takes to start a company from nothing.



Andrew Namminga in Shenzhen, China overseeing manufacturing.
Andrew Namminga in Shenzhen overseeing manufacturing.


Why Startups Should Outsource Design Work:

Outsourcing design and manufacturing is the most logical choice for startups.

The alternative is wasting tons of capital investing in machines, prototypes, and trial and error.

The reason outsourcing is so valuable is because you get the same end result without having to own the machinery necessary to bringing your best product design studios in Austin Texas to market.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be hands-on for the development process. We want to guide you in bringing your idea to reality.


Why Startups Should Choose ANDESIGN:

We hear horror stories from startups about not being able to get a meeting with other design firms.

About ridiculously high quotes. About clients being charged just for having a meeting.

We find that offensive and frankly, counterproductive.

We want to see your product made and selling tons of units!

I’m not even gonna claim altruistic intentions; the more product you sell, the more you’ll come back to us and say “we need more of that design!

Our relationship with startups is often more symbiotic than the client-business dynamic.

We want to see you succeed. When our clients grow, we grow.


Andrew at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Fransisco, 2017



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