Definitely, yes.

Are companies still making products in China despite tariffs? For the most part, yes. A few companies, such as Nintendo and Google are reportedly looking outside of China for possible alternatives, but as of now have not made the move. Even with many of the current tariffs in place, it’s still most cost efficient to manufacture overseas. We have an article about how to navigate the Harmonized Tariff Schedule and calculate the tariff for your product here.

Should I make my product in China?

Even with tariffs as high as 25%, many Chinese made components and products are not made elsewhere. This whole ordeal can be confusing and frustrating, we recommend working with a company that has experience navigating international manufacturing and trade, such as ourselves. With an office in Newport Beach, California and in Shenzhen, China, we help American companies manufacture abroad. If you have more questions about manufacturing internationally reach us through our contact form or email