ANDESIGN is a product development company. The company was founded in 2007 and has offices located in Southern California, Shenzhen and China. The design and manufacturing company will help you turn any ideas you have into mass-produced products. They have manufactured millions of units from phone cases, water bottles, electronic devices, medical devices to car accessories, and so much more. They provide you with services in every step of the product development process. Their services include concept design, remodelling, prototyping, manufacturing and everything beyond and between. Moreover, the team is committed to 100% bioplastic manufacturing. They help companies design, engineer and develop exceptional products and mass-produce them. It is a fully integrated product design firm with extraordinary designers, model makers, artists and freethinkers who believe that ‘today’s designs define tomorrow’s world’. The team is fully committed to make all your dreams come true as their team of designers and engineers enhance user experience and brand integrity through their creative skills and manufacturing knowledge.

They provide innovative and efficient product development solutions for the client and are one of the best-known product design companies.

The company’s motto is “Cultivate creativity. Design with purpose”, and you will see this in their work ethic. However difficult it might be, they welcome any project and help create a product that is both elegant and useful. Having designed products for top brand names, they are experienced to tackle any task. They will help you every step of the way throughout the product design process to create your product in the most effective and time-efficient manner possible.

They help in problem-solving to improve the quality of the product for enhancing the user experience. They allow you to understand, examine the problem of your product, draft and deliver the solution to make your product even more presentable. They also help in market research, experimentation and evaluation to make your design into reality. They have solutions for all the problems you may encounter so that you don’t have to adjust to the product; instead, they believe in making it effortless to use by improving efficiency and comfort.

ANDESIGN ensures your concepts are possible in both their function and manufacturability and use sophisticated software for the product. Their prototypes will give you a chance to interact with your design and make any changes if needed. They even help in packaging right down to shipping.

If you are looking for a product design service, ANDESIGN is one of the top and leading companies available. They have a loyal client base with a great portfolio of products and a team that will stop at nothing to materialize your idea into reality.

All you have to do is go to their website and fill out their form. And wait while they make your dream come true.