Made in USA = Assembled in USA

Most products, even when they claim to be “Made in the USA”, are made using globally sourced parts and raw materials. Many raw materials are not even made in the USA at all, so it’s impossible to make some products using domestically sourced materials. While there are excellent factories around the world, some brands prefer to do as much of the manufacturing in the USA as possible.

Cost is the Deciding Factor

One reason to import parts and materials and assemble in the US is to subvert tariffs on certain items. Say, for instance, the tariff on bikes is higher than the tariff on tires and frames, you might consider importing the two parts and assembling in the US presuming the assembly cost would not offset the savings. Ultimately, even when customers intend to manufacture with entirely USA sourced and manufactured products, they find it to be cost prohibitive.

Mistakes are Expensive

Whichever path you intend to take it’s important to have your supply chain managed by someone experienced. Our team can manage your entire supply chain, validate your BOMs and CMF documents, and manage the assembly of your product. If you don’t know what a BOM is, I urge you to reach out to us at least for a phone consultation. You can reach us via the form on our contact page.